H3C iMC Serves a Well-known Domestic Insurance Company

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1. Guide reading

A well-known insurance company has nearly 20,000 devices in the network, which are all managed by iMC, making network management more convenient, simpler and more efficient.

All the network assets, configuration files and software are under centralized management, batch update and batch configuration of iMC, thus the workload of the maintenance personnel is effectively reduced, the overall network maintenance level of the group is improved, and the operation and maintenance costs are saved.

IMC can actively find network problems and regularly output network operation and maintenance analysis report, so that the maintenance personnel can control the running status of the network.

2. Background and requirements

As a Chinese enterprise in the top 500 of the world, the company has many subsidiary companies including life and non-life insurance companies, trust companies, security companies and banks, with more than 3000 subdivisions, 83,000 employees and 350,000 sales personnel. At present, there are more than 20,000 access devices in the group, and only 2 or 3 maintenance personnel. With the increasing number and complexity of network devices, a simpler and more efficient network management system is needed to monitor and maintain the group network.

With the increase of group branches, the maintenance and management of a large number of network devices, especially devices at the access layer, has also become a challenge. There are problems such as non-conforming device configuration, unauthorized use of devices, and lack of device asset information registration. Combined with the actual situation of itself, the group has deployed iMC to enhance the level of network management and maintenance.

3. H3C solutions

● Intelligent configuration and software management: Administrators can conveniently manage the device configuration files and software files through iMC, including the backup, recovery and batch update of configuration files as well as the backup and upgrade of the device software. Moreover, the iMC platform provides baseline version management of device configuration to compare and track the changes of the configuration files. The platform also provides the upgrade history of the device software, comprehensively audits the changes in the software version, and rapidly recover the historical version.

● Intelligent alarm management: With the complete alarm and fault management mechanism and process, iMC can automatically summarize the fault devices in the whole network and form a list so that the administrator can quickly and accurately find the fault device that needs attention. It provides real-time remote alarm (mobile phone short message, Email alarm), acoustooptic board centralized alarm (categorized alarm), topological real-time display of alarm and other mechanisms, so that administrators can monitor network status from multiple dimensions in real time.

● Asset management: Through the network assets management provided by iMC, the network devices of the group are registered and managed, the network assets are maintained and managed in a unified way, and the use and update of the group's network device assets are fully grasped.

● Operation and maintenance analysis: iMC can monitor CPU utilization, memory utilization, bandwidth utilization, device response performance, device inaccessibility and other indicators, supporting Top-N statistical sorting. It can also send alarms at different levels. Users can directly understand the performance of device indicators according to the alarm message. IMC provides flexible statistics and queries of composition conditions to generate a network operation and maintenance report.

4. Why H3C?

Customers believe that H3C has the characteristics and advantages of intelligence, high efficiency, quick response, active operation and maintenance, and centralized management.

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