H3C iMC in a Provincial Electric Power Corporation

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1. Guide reading

● The hierarchical management of iMC can effectively improve the ability of the management of network nodes, and realize a clear network management for the whole Electric Power Group Corp and its branches.

● The EAD solution and the desktop control software of the group cooperate to enforce the enterprise security strategy to the user terminal and strictly control the user's network behavior, thus effectively enhancing the active defense of the user terminal.

● The iMC iAR (intelligence Analysis Report) solution helps the IT managers of the group to master the network and business in a rich report display through intelligent analysis, data mining, and personalized display.

2. Background and requirements

The power data network of the IT network base platform of the power group consists of two networks of the production control area and the management information area. The production control area is subdivided into dispatching data network zones I, II and III, and the management information area is divided into power information internal network and external network. According to administrative division, each network system is divided into the IT network systems of 17 municipal power supply companies and 30 enterprises, including power hospitals and power schools.

The IT network base platform of the group is complex with a large number of devices, and there are many branches and business systems. So a network management system is needed to manage network facilities easily, simplify operation and maintenance management, and provide basis for network development decision analysis. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of network administrators, the management system needs to support a simple human-computer interaction interface and provide a variety of network value-added functions to achieve effective management of network resources, services and users.

3. H3C solutions

The group adopts the solutions of iMC base IT resource management, WAN intelligent management, traffic performance management, user management and so on. They have solved many problems in IT management and served as important tools for network operation and maintenance management.

In the dispatching data network of the electric power group, the management components and solutions such as iMC standard platform, MVM (MPLS VPN Management), QoSM (QoS Management), ACLM (ACL Management), EAD (Endpoint Admittance Defense), NTA (Network Traffic Analyzer), and iAR (intelligent Analysis Reporter) are used to realize unified management and monitoring of devices and users in the power dispatching backbone network and information network.

The iMC platform, MVM, NTA, ACLM, QOSM, iAR and other intelligent management center components and solutions are adopted in the group's information network, which have solved the problems in MPLS VPN network management, operating status of equipment, end user admission and behavior audit of the Internet users.

The iMC, working with the corresponding network hardware, provides the group with the overall management solution, and serves as the security control center, the performance optimization center and the operation management center in the user's IT environment. In this way, the group's network is under unified management with all-dimensional guarantee for the security of network terminals, thus ensuring the security and stability of various network applications, greatly improving the efficiency of network management, protecting the investment of the equipment, and expanding the business of the group.

4. Why H3C?

The H3C iMC intelligent management solution implements the classification and identification of network equipment for multiple vendors and provides integrated and visual infrastructure management, automated IP resource management, and multi-dimension, new-model application and traffic management. It also implements the intelligent interconnection of various resources such as management platform, traffic analysis, behavior audit, and safety equipment, which ensures the dynamic deployment and optimal utilization of network resources.

In addition to the network management function, the iMC platform provides in-depth management of IT resources. The customer has added many components such as MPLS VPN, EAD, NTA, UBA, and iAR. Based on SOA software architecture, iMC makes it easier for the system to integrate with the existing management system.

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