MSR Enhances Bank's Core Competitiveness

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Since opening the domestic financial industry on December 11, 2006, domestic commercial banks are directly facing fierce competition with first-class international banks. How do they adapt to the more volatile market? How do they tap the diversified needs of customers? How do they improve satisfaction? How do they improve the core competitiveness of banks?... All these questions have become the focus for a growing number of domestic banks.

MSR enhances bank's core competitiveness

-- H3C Assists Bank to Reconstruct Call Center in XX Province.

At present, domestic banks are transforming into modern commercial banks that are dominated by business, and services have become a decisive factor in the development of the banking business. In this context, the call center bears a great responsibility towards bank customer service and faces an increasing number of challenges: increasing and demanding customer requirements; standardization of service experience; centralized management and control, higher performances and better returns on investment, etc.

As the first-level branch of the bank in XX Province and with the largest business scale among the first level branches of the bank in China, the bank branch in XX Province has always attached great importance to its informatization. Up until now, the bank branch has more than 2,400 fully functional and bank offices equipped for the modern age and is the financial institution with the most offices and widest coverage in the province.

Meanwhile, the bank branch has integrated all bank resources, trained a team of high-quality customer managers, and implemented a unified marketing strategy, providing quality financial services for the enterprises and individual account holders.

Moreover, the bank branch has tenaciously broadened its service channels, launched telephone banking, online banking, mobile banking, and a customer service center. These additions will extend service availability, providing customers with 24-hour services, having counter services and electronic banking services complement each other, shattering the outdated physical boundaries of traditional banking.

In addition, the challenges faced by the call center has also attracted the attention of the bank branch. Especially, with the improvements in service capability, and the increasingly diverse products, it is increasingly hard for the original call center to meet the bank's requirements for development. "Because of the limitations of the original call center equipment, the access capacity of the entire customer service platform is far from meeting the needs of the rapidly developing the Branch. In order to survive and develop as well as better serve our customers, we have decided to transform the service platform of the provincial call center into an official part of the bank branch said.

Building a new customer service system

After inspecting the products of a number of equipment manufacturers, the bank branch decided to transform the entire call center with the products and solution offered by H3C. The bank believes that the H3C solution based on IP networks is not only compatible with its original third-party equipment, but also meets the requirements for centralized and unified management in the entire branch; at the same time, it also meets the different demands generated under various special conditions of the bank, such as local business handling, regional conditions, and dialect adaptability.

They have learned that the bank branch has adopted H3C's MSR50-60 multi-service routers in the provincial center, which are equipped with 32 E1 ports, providing 1200 VOIP channels, 70 seats, and 900 IVR channels. Each city-level call center is configured with a MSR30-20 multi-service router, equipped with 1-2 E1 ports, providing 30-60 VOIP channels.

MSR, as a multi-service router, is a new generation of network products launched by H3C specifically for industry branches and includes data security, voice communication, video interaction, and service customization. It allows the deployment of multiple businesses on the same node, allowing the applications of the bank branch to be continuously enriched. It can not only avoid heterogeneous equipment in the network to the greatest extent, but also significantly reduce the long-term operation and maintenance costs of the network.

Greatly enhance bank's competitiveness, and face the future with ease

"The successful transformation of the call center will have a positive impact on our branch. It would improve its service level and greatly satisfy our customers as well as greatly reduce our branch’s operating costs while further enhancing our competitiveness in the industry." an official of the bank branch said.

Nowadays, users can conveniently enjoy the considerate services provided by the bank branch at anywhere and anytime via the Internet, mobile phone, fax, or any other means.

As the contractor of the reconstruction project, H3C not only pays close attention to the development and demands of the financial sector, but also has thoroughly researched and understands the sector, which meshes well with its experience deploying its networks over the years. After analyzing the present situation and development trends, H3C has introduced solutions for integrated network finance to help financial customers enhance their level of business intelligence and improve the network construction. In recent years, H3C has achieved constant breakthroughs in both products and solutions for the high-end financial sector. The projects for Germany's financial backbone network, Shinsei Bank, and a large number of domestic banks, verify that H3C has advanced solutions and excellent technical strength in the financial industry.

"Thanks to our H3C solution, our customer service center is characterized by openness, maintainability, and manageability. We only need to maintain and operate a unified network platform, which greatly saves on equipment investment and cost of ownership. Moreover, the openness and expandability of the solution allow us to cope with the needs of future customer service development with even greater ease." the manager of the bank branch said with pleasure.

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