H3C WA2620i-AGN Access Point Installation Guide-6PW102

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The H3C WA2620i-AGN AP Installation Guide describes the hardware specifications, preparations before installation, installation procedure, cabling and grounding, and login procedure of the WA2620i-AGN AP.

This preface includes:

·          Audience

·          Conventions

·          Obtaining documentation

·          Technical support

·          Documentation feedback


This documentation is intended for:

·          Network planners

·          Field technical support and servicing engineers

·          Network administrators working with the WA2620i-AGN APs


This section describes the conventions used in this documentation set.

GUI conventions




Window names, button names, field names, and menu items are in Boldface. For example, the New User window appears; click OK.

Multi-level menus are separated by angle brackets. For example, File > Create > Folder.






An alert that calls attention to important information that if not understood or followed can result in personal injury.


An alert that calls attention to important information that if not understood or followed can result in data loss, data corruption, or damage to hardware or software.


An alert that contains additional or supplementary information.


Obtaining documentation

You can access the most up-to-date H3C product documentation on the World Wide Web at http://www.h3c.com.

Click the links on the top navigation bar to obtain different categories of product documentation:

[Technical Support & Documents > Technical Documents] – Provides hardware installation, software upgrading, and software feature configuration and maintenance documentation.

[Products & Solutions] – Provides information about products and technologies, as well as solutions.

[Technical Support & Documents > Software Download] – Provides the documentation released with the software version.

Technical support



Documentation feedback

You can e-mail your comments about product documentation to info@h3c.com.

We appreciate your comments.