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The H3C WA documentation set includes 10 command references, which describe the commands and command syntax options available for the H3C WA series WLAN access points.

The ACL and QoS Command Reference describes ACL and QoS configuration commands.

This preface includes:

l          Audience

l          Conventions

l          About the H3C WA Documentation Set

l          Obtaining Documentation

l          Documentation Feedback


This documentation is intended for:

l          Network planners

l          Field technical support and servicing engineers

l          Network administrators working with the WA series


This section describes the conventions used in this documentation.

Command conventions




Bold text represents commands and keywords that you enter literally as shown.


Italic text represents arguments that you replace with actual values.

[ ]

Square brackets enclose syntax choices (keywords or arguments) that are optional.

{ x | y | ... }

Braces enclose a set of required syntax choices separated by vertical bars, from which you select one.

[ x | y | ... ]

Square brackets enclose a set of optional syntax choices separated by vertical bars, from which you select one or none.

{ x | y | ... } *

Asterisk marked braces enclose a set of required syntax choices separated by vertical bars, from which you select at least one.

[ x | y | ... ] *

Asterisk marked square brackets enclose optional syntax choices separated by vertical bars, from which you may select multiple choices or none.


The argument or keyword and argument combination before the ampersand (&) sign can be entered 1 to n times.


A line that starts with a pound (#) sign is comments.


GUI conventions




Window names, button names, field names, and menu items are in Boldface. For example, the New User window appears; click OK.

Multi-level menus are separated by angle brackets. For example, File > Create > Folder.





Means reader be extremely careful. Improper operation may cause bodily injury.

Means reader be careful. Improper operation may cause data loss or damage to equipment.

Means an action or information that needs special attention to ensure successful configuration or good performance.

Means a complementary description.

Means techniques helpful for you to make configuration with ease.


About the H3C WA Documentation Set

The H3C WA documentation set includes:




Product description and specifications

Marketing brochures

Describe product specifications and benefits.

Technology white papers

Provide an in-depth description of software features and technologies.

Hardware specifications and installation

Compliance and safety manual

Provides regulatory information and the safety instructions that must be followed during installation.

Quick start

Guides you through initial installation and setup procedures to help you quickly set up and use your AP with the minimum configuration.

Installation guide

Guides you through hardware specifications and installation methods to help you install your AP.

Software configuration

Getting started guide

Guides you through the main functions of your AP, and describes how to install and log in to your AP, perform basic configurations, maintain software, and troubleshoot your AP.

Configuration guides

Describe software features and configuration procedures.

Command references

Provide a quick reference to all available commands.

Operations and maintenance

User FAQ

Provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on how to troubleshoot your AP.

Release notes

Provide information about the product release, including the version history, hardware and software compatibility matrix, version upgrade information, technical support information, and software upgrading.


Obtaining Documentation

You can access the most up-to-date H3C product documentation on the World Wide Web at

Click the links on the top navigation bar to obtain different categories of product documentation:

[Technical Support & Documents > Technical Documents] – Provides hardware installation, software upgrading, getting started, and software feature configuration and maintenance documentation.

[Products & Solutions] – Provides information about products and technologies, as well as solutions.

[Technical Support & Documents > Software Download] – Provides the documentation released with the software version.

Documentation Feedback

You can e-mail your comments about product documentation to

We appreciate your comments.