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44-port 1000BASE-X-SFP + 4-port 10GBASE-R-SFP+ optical Ethernet interface card—LSQM2GP44TSSC0

1  Card identifier

The card identifier LSQM2GP44TSSC0 is in the upper right corner of the front panel.

2  Specifications




Before installing the card, you must remove the protection cover from the card to ensure correct installation.


Table 1 Card specifications



Card size (H × W × D)

40 × 399 × 355 mm (1.57 × 15.71 × 13.98 in)



Power consumption

31 W to 65 W


·     44 x 1000BASE-X-SFP fiber ports

·     4 x 10GBASE-R-SFP+ fiber ports

Connector type


Port rate

·     1000 Mbps

·     10 Gbps

Applicable hardware platforms

·     All S7500E models

·     All S7500X models

Applicable host software versions

Release 7150 and Later




For more information about transceiver modules and cables available for the card, see H3C S7500E Switch Series Cards and Transceiver Modules Compatibility Matrixes and H3C S7500X Switch Series Cards and Transceiver Modules Compatibility Matrixes.


3  Related documentation

For module installation, see H3C S7500E Switch Series Installation Guide and H3C S7500X Switch Series Installation Guide.

For software upgrade, see the release notes for the device.


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