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Switching fabric module - LSUM1FAB06XEB0

1  Card identifier

The card identifier LSUM1FAB06XEB0 is in the upper right corner of the front panel.

2  Specifications

Table 1 Card specifications




4 MB


2 GB

Card size (H × W × D)

40 × 292 × 318 mm (1.57 × 11.50 × 12.52 in)

Power consumption

56 W to 95 W

Connector type



1 console port


The port is intended for maintenance and upgrade by H3C technical support engineers. H3C recommends not using it. If the device fails because you operate the port without authorization, H3C shall not be held liable for any consequence caused thereby.

Applicable hardware platforms


Applicable host software versions

Release 7593 and Later




The OFFLINE button on the Switching fabric module is intended for debugging and locating failures by technical supports. H3C recommends not using it without authorization.


3  Related documentation

For module installation, see H3C S10500X Switch Series Installation Guide.

For software upgrade, see the release notes for the device.



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