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14-Sampler configuration
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Configuring samplers

About sampler

A sampler selects a packet from sequential packets and sends the packet to other service modules for processing. Sampling is useful when you want to limit the volume of traffic to be analyzed. The sampled data is statistically accurate and sampling decreases the impact on the forwarding capacity of the device.

The device supports random sampling mode.


Creating a sampler

1.     Enter system view.


2.     Create a sampler.

sampler sampler-name mode random packet-interval n-power rate

By default, no samplers exist.

Display and maintenance commands for a sampler

Execute display commands in any view.




Display configuration information about the sampler.

display sampler [ sampler-name ] [ slot slot-number ]

Samplers and IPv4 NetStream configuration examples

Example: Configuring samplers and IPv4 NetStream

Network configuration

As shown in Figure 1, configure samplers and NetStream as follows:

·     Configure IPv4 NetStream on the device to collect statistics on outgoing traffic.

·     Send the NetStream data to port 5000 on the NetStream server.

·     Configure random sampling in the outbound direction to select one packet randomly from 256 packets on Twenty-FiveGigE 1/0/2.

Figure 1 Network diagram

Configuration procedure

# Create sampler 256 in random sampling mode, and set the sampling rate to 8. One packet from 256 packets is selected.

[Router] sampler 256 mode random packet-interval n-power 8

# Enable IPv4 NetStream to use sampler 256 to collect statistics about outgoing traffic on Twenty-FiveGigE 1/0/2.

[Device] interface twenty-fivegige 1/0/2

[Device-Twenty-FiveGigE1/0/2] ip netstream outbound

[Device-Twenty-FiveGigE1/0/2] ip netstream outbound sampler 256

[Device-Twenty-FiveGigE1/0/2] quit

# Configure the address and port number of the NetStream server as the destination for the NetStream data export. Use the default source interface for the NetStream data export.

[Device] ip netstream export host 5000

Verifying the configuration

# Display configuration information for sampler 256.

[Router] display sampler 256

 Sampler name: 256

  Mode: Random;  Packet-interval: 8; IsNpower: Y