H3C Intelligent Management Center

H3C iMC (intelligent Management Center) is a comprehensive, modular platform with the flexibility and scalability to meet the network needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses as well as global enterprises. It consolidates a host of traditionally separate management tools, including those for managing the network infrastructure, its services and its users.

Based on years of accumulation and in-depth understanding of the network, iMC platform provides customer with practical and easy to use network management functions. On the basis of centralized management of network resources, the topology, fault, performance, configuration, and security of H3C are realized. For the network with large number of equipment, wide distribution and relatively centralized, the iMC platform provides hierarchical management, which is conducive to the clear division of power management and load balance for the whole network.

The management platform’s integrated toolset covers the entire network, from the data center to the edge, even if it is geographically dispersed. And it supports the management of all H3C network equipment as well as over 8,000 third-party devices from multi vendors.

iMC provides visibility across entire networks, enabling complete management of resources, services, and users. The management platform unifies management of wired, wireless, physical, and virtual resources—and their users—leading to increased performance, enhanced security, and reduced infrastructure complexity and costs.

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