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T300 outdoor IoT access unit(1)
T300 outdoor IoT access unit(2)

The H3C T300 outdoor series includes T310M-S and T310-S, which are weather-proof (IP67 rated), EMC-protective outdoor enclosures designed specifically for the indoor T310M and T310 access units. The T310M-S can host one T310M and one T310 access unit. The T310-S can host two T310 access units.

The access units support different IoT protocols with specific IoT modules installed. Connected in a linear daisy chain, the units are capable of handling diversified IoT services concurrently.

  • Warranty Information

    H3Care CT Foundation Basic 9X5 NBD-Ship Service(1Y)

  • Great flexibility in support of IoT protocols

    H3C T300 series provides mini-PCIe connectors for IoT module installation to support different IoT protocols, such as RFID, ZigBee, and BLE. And it also supports third-party IoT modules.

    Linear daisy chain deployment

    The T310M-S (main unit) and T310-S support linear daisy chain connection, one T310M-S followed by up to nine T310-S enclosures on each chain within a maximum distance of 100 m (328.08 ft). The T310M-S provides one IoT port for connecting to the AP within a maximum distance of 100 m (328.08 ft) and one OUT port for connecting a T310-S. Each T310-S uses an IN port and an OUT port for connecting the preceding and subsequent enclosures, respectively.

    This chain supports a maximum of 10 types of IoT protocols. Different kinds of IoT terminals can be connected to this chain as required. This deployment mode accommodates and ensures concurrent processing of different types of IoT services.

    Comprehensive smart management

    * Unified management by access controllers.

    * Visible management through H3C Oasis platform, together with wireless, wired, and other IoT devices to achieve network collaboration.

    * Third-party services and third-party platform collaboration through H3C Oasis platform.

    Rich application scenarios

    * Smart city

    Staff and equipment locating—Precisely locates outdoor equipment and staff, facilitating asset and staff management.

    Electromobile anti-theft—Locates electromobiles based on RFID and records the travel paths of the mobiles in the coverage area.

    * Smart campus

    Student management—Collects location, motion, and health data from students' wrist bands to check class attendance based on student locations and grant access permission.

    Abnormity reporting—Monitors student status and reports abnormities.

    * Asset management

    Asset locating—Locates assets and uploads the statistics to the cloud for automatic stocktaking and management.

    Abnormity reporting—Monitors asset status and reports abnormities




    Type N connector



    Waterproof network port

    2 (IoT and OUT ports)

    2 (IN and OUT ports)

    T300 slots

    2 (one T310M slot and one T310 slot)

    2 (two T310 slots)

    Dimensions (H × W × D)

    235 × 200 × 88 mm (9.25 × 7.87 × 3.46 in)

    235 × 200 × 88 mm (9.25 × 7.87 × 3.46 in)


    Outdoor directional antenna

    Outdoor directional antenna

    Installation method

    Pole mounting

    Pole mounting

    Ingress protection rating



    Installing/Removing T300 units



    Operating temperature

    –40°C to +65°C (–40°F to +149°F)

    –40°C to +65°C (–40°F to +149°F)

    Storage temperature

    –40°C to +85°C (–40°F to +185°F)

    –40°C to +85°C (–40°F to +185°F)

    The T310M-S enclosure can host one T310M and one T310 access unit. The T310-S enclosure can host two T310 access units. The T310M-S and T310-S enclosures, T310M and T310 access units, T301-R and T301-Z IoT modules, and outdoor antennas each must be purchased separately. For specifications of the T310M and T310 access units and the T301-R and T301-Z IoT modules, see H3C T300 Series Indoor Access Units Datasheet.

    Product ID



    H3C T310M-S IoT Module Outdoor Managed Dual-Slot Enclosure, EMC Protective


    H3C T310-S IoT Module Outdoor Dual-Slot Enclosure, EMC Protective

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