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H3C ONEStor 3.0

While the growth of digital information is increasing, the exponential growth of data volumes in all industries demands new storage technology. Distributed storage can spread files, block storage, object storage across multiple physical servers for high availability, data backup, and disaster recovery purposes.

The H3C ONEStor 3.0 distributed storage system integrates the server's hard disk through software to build storage pools and provides unified storage services of blocks, files, and objects to upper-level applications. It can satisfy multiple requirements from various types of data, such as structured, unstructured, and semi-structured, to support rich enterprise-level features like snapshots, thin provisioning, remote replication, etc. It provides users flexible and reliable data access when the business changes rapidly. Meanwhile, it adopts the leading distributed architecture and provides a highly easy-to-maintain management platform. Fully automated operation and maintenance capabilities have achieved linear expansion of storage performance, greatly improved reliability without requiring a high degree of customer expertise. Besides, ONEStor 3.0 provides open APIs with standard protocols and supports integration into the H3C Cloud (H3C Cloud OS) and OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure.


Linear Scalability

The distributed architecture ensures that both the storage capacity and performance scale-out linearly as the number of nodes or disks increases and can be easily expanded to thousands of nodes and EB-level capacity to meet the needs of cloud business expansion.

Flexible Cache Tiering

A cache tier provides Clients with better I/O performance for a subset of the data stored in a backing storage tier. The ONEStor 3.0 not only enables you to gain linear increase in performance by adding nodes, but also offers the following deployment modes so you can make the best use of storage resources on each node:


All SSD.

All HDD.

In SSD+HDD deployment mode, you can deploy disks as follows:

Deploy HDDs as data disks to store data and deploy SSDs as read and write cache disks to accelerate reads and writes.

Place SSDs and HDDs in different storage pools to fulfill tiered storage.

The SSD+HDD deployment mode has been widely used as it combines the high IOPS and throughput capabilities of SSDs with the high capacity and low cost benefits of HDDs.

Feature-rich Enterprise-class SDS

Data Replication (copies): Data replication (or copies) can ensure the reliability of data. Clients can fulfill the desirable data reliability by setting the number of replicas in the replication redundancy policy. The ONEStor 3.0 will automatically distribute the replicas in the cluster based on your settings to maximize data reliability. Data will not miss as long as one replica is available.

Erasure coding: Support K+M erasure coding with multiple redundancy schemes, reducing TCO effectively. For example, in the 4+1 erasure coding method, data is still available when only one server in the failure or downtime, and the system can recover the lost data through the original data and the check bit.

Rapid data reconstruction: ONEStor 3.0 supports parallel and fast fault handling and data rebuilding. When there is some nodes or disks failure, the system can automatically reconstruct these data in other available places, and the data reconstruction time can less than 20 min/TB.

Robust data consistency: The ONEStor 3.0 ensures all data replicas are absolutely identical, providing the highest data consistency. The data write action will not be considered successful until all data replicas successfully write on disk, making the reliability of user data in priority to ensure the highest reliability of user data.

Data protection: Comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery abilities such as: snapshots, volume copies, QOS, remote replication, fault domains, protection domains, etc.

Automated Operations and Maintenance

Automated and rapid deployment of storage clusters, including batch deployment, single node increase or decrease, single disk increase or decrease, etc.

The automatic monitoring and alarm system can quickly identify and troubleshoot problems in real time when a failure occurs and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

End-to-end monitoring capabilities provide comprehensive performance and health monitoring from physical servers to storage pools, including monitoring CPU, memory, NIC, reading and writing IOPS, reading and writing bandwidth, time delay, and component health status.

Flexible node deployment and configuration in adaptation to hardware capability maximizes hardware resource usage.

Conveniently perform fault domain isolation and flexible selection of data storage locations to improve the reliability of business applications. Support host, cabinet, and the data center three-level fault domain and automatically generated the cluster device topology.

The system is self-healing and supports automatic data rebalancing when a storage node or disk fails, is added or removed.

Advanced AI algorithms can predict the failure of hard disks. When the system indicates that the disk may fail, the system automatically generates an early warning message to notify the administrator to replace the disk in advance.

Complete Log management capabilities. Administrators can customize the period to export Logs. The Log includes cluster software and hardware adjustment information, network operating status, heartbeat status, storage pool status changes, user behavior records, etc.

Comprehensive audit capabilities ensure system security. The audit content covers all system operation records, and the storage console supports SSL access encryption.

A unified management Web-based portal visually displays the cluster topology status, equipment information (data center, rack, server, NIC, etc.,) abnormal component events, monitoring history, etc.

Software Compatibility

Supports servers from mainstream X86 manufacturers such as Dell/ Inspur/ H3C/HPE/Huawei and can adapt to X86 servers according to requirements.

Supports mixed disk combination in storage pool.

Support integrated with CAS, VMware ESXi 6.7U2, ESXi 6.7U3, and ESXi 7.0.

Block Storage

ONEStor 3.0 creates local server-based SAN storage through storage virtualization technology, provides standard interfaces such as iSCSI, supports a wide range of virtualization platforms (VMware, CAS) and database applications, and meets the SAN storage requirements of virtualized resource pools, desktop clouds, databases, container and other scenarios. Besides, ONEStor 3.0, as the core module of UIS (HCI product), can provide storage services for CAS (virtualization) in a converged way. ONEStor 3.0 can provide block storage services for cloud VM’s volumes for multi-tenants.

File System Storage

ONEStor 3.0 provides standard interfaces such as NFS and CIFS to provide users with unstructured data shared storage resources, which are used in multiple business scenarios such as big data, storage for video/audio, etc.

Object Storage

ONEStor 3.0 is compatible with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift, supporting integration into mainstream cloud computing ecology, and meet the service requirements of cloud backup, cloud archiving and cloud storage, etc.


ONEStor 3.0 Distributed Storage System

Cluster size

Max. 4096 nodes

System structure

Fully symmetrical distributed architecture

Hard disk type


Front-end network

1Gb/10Gbps/25Gbps Ethernet, InfiniBand network

Back-end network

10Gbps/25Gbps Ethernet, InfiniBand network

Storage type

Block, File, Object, Big data

Storage protocol


Data redundancy

Replication (copies) level 2 to 6 / N+1 to N+4 erasure code

Data reconstruction

<20 minutes per TB

High availability

Node, port, network, management high availability

Software function

Link aggregation, Data balancing, Intelligent load balancing, Metadata separation deployment, Performance QoS, Data reconstruction QoS, Fault domain, Protection domain, Snapshot, SSD cache acceleration, Tiered storage, Consistency check, Safety permission, Disk Roaming, Disk sub-health detection, Software sub-health detection, Network sub-health management, Node sub-health management, etc.

Block value-added features

Thin provisioning, Thick provisioning, Volume copy, Cloning, Asynchronous remote replication, Multi-path, Hyper-converged deployment, etc.

File value-added features

WORM, Authority management, Quota management, Recycle bin, etc.

Object value-added features

Multi-tenant, WORM, Asynchronous remote replication, Compression, Encryption, Version management, Append Object, Quota, Life cycle management, ACL permission control, Policy strategy, Static website hosting, Cross-domain access, Custom metadata, etc.


3-node cluster, single node 192GB memory, 10 SSD SATA, cluster IOPS up to 5W+


Compatible with POSIX standard interface, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, VMware ESXi and other operating systems, vSphere, Xen, Hyper-V and other virtualization platforms, SQL Server, MySQL and other databases, compatible with OpenStack and H3C CloudOS platform (Swift, Cinder, Manila interface)

Cluster management

Support Log management, user management, decentralization and domain division, network management, alarm and fault management, capacity and performance management, support online expansion and contraction of nodes. Support SNMP protocol and third-party network management platform

Management method

Graphical interface, Web browser or CLI management



H3C ONEStor Converged Cloud Storage Software Block Enterprise Edition License,For 1TB Disk


H3C ONEStor Converged Cloud Storage Software Block Standard Edition License,For 1TB Disk


H3C ONEStor Converged Cloud Storage Software Block Upg-Enterprise Edition License,For 1TB Disk


H3C ONEStor Converged Cloud Storage Software Object Standard Edition License,For 1TB Disk


H3C ONEStor Converged Cloud Storage Software File Enterprise Edition License,For 1TB Disk


H3C ONEStor Converged Cloud Storage Software File Standard Edition License,For 1TB Disk


H3C ONEStor Converged Cloud Storage Software File Upg-Enterprise Edition License,For 1TB Disk


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