H3C S5120-EI Series Ethernet Switches Installation Manual-6PW101

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H3C S5120-EI Series Ethernet Switches Installation Manual describes the appearance, installation, power-on, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the H3C S5120-EI series Ethernet switches.

This preface includes:

l          Audience

l          Conventions

l          About the H3C S5120-EI Documentation Set

l          Obtaining Documentation

l          Technical Support

l          Documentation Feedback


This documentation is intended for:

l          Network planners

l          Field technical support and servicing engineers

l          Network administrators working with the S5120-EI series


This section describes the conventions used in this documentation set.

GUI conventions




Window names, button names, field names, and menu items are in Boldface. For example, the New User window appears; click OK.

Multi-level menus are separated by angle brackets. For example, File > Create > Folder.





Means reader be careful. Improper operation may cause data loss or damage to equipment.

Means a complementary description.


About the H3C S5120-EI Documentation Set

The H3C S5120-EI documentation set includes:




Product description and specifications

Marketing brochures

Describe product specifications and benefits.

Technology white papers

Provide an in-depth description of software features and technologies.

RPS User Manual

Describes the appearances, features, and specifications of the RPS units available for the products.

RPS Ordering Information for H3C Low-End Ethernet Switches

Provides the RPS and switch compatibility matrix and RPS cable specifications.

H3C Low End Series Ethernet Switches Pluggable Modules Manual

Describes the models, appearances, and specifications of the pluggable modules available for the products.

Interface Card User Manual

Describes the appearance and specifications of the interface card.

Hardware installation

S5120-EI Series Ethernet Switches Installation Manual

Provides a complete guide to hardware installation and hardware specifications.

Provides regulatory information and the safety instructions that must be followed during installation.

Pluggable SFP[SFP+][XFP] Transceiver Modules Installation Guide

Guides you through installing SFP/SFP+/XFP transceiver modules.

Interface Card User Manual

Describes how to install the interface card.

Software configuration

Configuration guides

Describe software features and configuration procedures.

Command references

Provide a quick reference to all available commands.

Operations and maintenance

H3C Series Ethernet Switches Login Password Recovery Manual

Tells how to find the lost password or recover the password when the login password is lost.

Release notes

Provide information about the product release, including the version history, hardware and software compatibility matrix, version upgrade information, technical support information, and software upgrading.


Obtaining Documentation

You can access the most up-to-date H3C product documentation on the World Wide Web at http://www.h3c.com.

Click the links on the top navigation bar to obtain different categories of product documentation:

[Technical Support & Documents > Technical Documents] – Provides hardware installation, software upgrading, and software feature configuration and maintenance documentation.

[Products & Solutions] Provides information about products and technologies, as well as solutions.

[Technical Support & Documents > Software Download] – Provides the documentation released with the software version.

Technical Support



Documentation Feedback

You can e-mail your comments about product documentation to info@h3c.com.

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