High expandability to protect investment

The H3C S5500-EI series supports two extension slots and each slot supports 1-port or 2-port 10GE extension modules to further support 10GE interfaces for bandwidth update, thus maximally protects the user’s investment.

The S5500-EI has already passed the second phase of IPv6 Ready Forum certification; the most authoritative worldwide. The S5500-EI supports abundant IPv4 and IPv6 L3 routing protocols, multicast protocol and policy routing mechanism for a smooth upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6.

Comprehensive security control policies

The H3C S5500-EI Series supports EAD (Endpoint Admission Defense). It enhances the proactive defense capacity of network terminals, and restrains the spread of viruses and worms in a network. Additionally, it disables the access authority of terminals that fail to meet the security requirements, preventing insecure terminals from endangering the entire network.

The H3C S5500-EI Series also supports 802.1x, centralized MAC address authentication. H3C S5500-EI Series can Perform 802.1x authentication and MAC address-based authentication simultaneously.

The H3C S5500-EI series provides enhanced ACL and supports ingress- and egress-ACLs as well as VLAN-based ACL. In addition, the S5500-EI series supports the Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF) to effectively eradicate the ever-increasing phenomenon of source-address spoofing in today’s networks.

High reliability

The S5500-EI series provides equipment-level and link-level reliability protection. All switch models support 1+1 redundancy power supply. Among them, the S5500-28F-EI supports pluggable modular redundancy power supplies. Moreover, the switch supports fault detection and alarms for power supply and fans, and can automatically adjust the speed of fans according to temperature changes. All these features enable this box switch series to provide the high reliability of a conventional chassis switch.

The H3C S5500-EI series supports STP/RSTP/MSTP. H3C S5500-EI series also supports Smart Link to provide rapid convergence capable of fast convergence time of 50ms.The H3C S5500-EI series supports H3C’s rapid ring protection protocol (RRPP). RRPP is an Ethernet ring-specific link layer protocol that features rapid topology convergence, regardless of the number of nodes on the Ethernet ring

Multi-service support capability

The switch supports the Power over Ethernet (PoE), Voice VLAN technology, which identifies voice streams at its ports and adds the corresponding access port to the Voice VLAN. By setting the Voice VLAN security feature, the switch will only permit voice traffic to pass and thus effectively prevent burst traffic from impacting the voice traffic inside the Voice VLAN.

Abundant QoS policies

H3C S5500-EI series supports L2~L4 complex flow classification based on the source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, port, protocol or VLAN.  It provides flexible queue scheduling modes: Strict Priority (SP), Weighted Round Robin (WRR) and SP+WRR; supports the Committed Access Rate (CAR) function with the minimum granularity of 64 kbps; and also supports port mirroring in the outbound and inbound directions

Excellent manageability

H3C S5500-EI series supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) v1/v2/v3. It supports universal NM platforms like Open View and the H3C iMC (Intelligent Management Centre). It facilitates equipment management by supporting CLI, Web NMS, Telnet and HGMP, and supports SSH2.0 which make management much safer.

The H3C S5500-EI series supports MAC-based VLANs. It also supports the sFlow function and can randomly sample the inbound and outbound packets

Intelligent Resilient Framework 2 (IRF2)

H3C S5500-EI supports H3C IRF2 technology, which virtualizes multiple devices as one logical device. This offers great advantages in reliability, distributed deployment and easy management.

Reliability: Using patented route hot standby technology, H3C S5500-EI provides redundancy backup of all data information on the control plane and the data plane as well as uninterrupted L3 forwarding in the entire virtual framework. This greatly enhances the reliability and performance of the virtual fabric, eliminates single-point failures and avoids service interruption.

Distributed deployment: H3C S5500-EI employs distributed inter-device link aggregation technology to provide multiple uplinks for load sharing and backup. This improves the redundancy of the entire network architecture and the utilization of link resources.

Easy management: The entire resilient framework uses only one IP address for management purposes. This simplifies network device management and network topology management, improves operating efficiency, and lowers maintenance costs.