H3C Drives Innovation in Customer's Digital Network

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The world's largest Chinese search engine and most influential Chinese website, this customer's servers respond to billions of search requests a day from 138 countries worldwide. This imposes huge basic networking demands, across fields such as big data, cloud computing, driverless technology, AI and other core businesses – all satisfied via high-performance distributed computing. To meet the needs of the customer's large-scale distributed computing environment, H3C developed a 48-port high-density 40/100G board, embodying large-capacity distributed caching, DCB lossless Ethernet, intelligent SD-WAN traffic scheduling, VLSI networking and other technical solutions. H3C has been this customer's most highly-regarded network equipment supplier for many years.

At first, the customer's servers only numbered in the thousands, but this has increased to the hundreds of thousands, to grow into China's largest 10G computing cluster, highest performance 100G computing cluster, largest AI supercomputer cluster and the largest cloud computing center. With this growth, economies of scale have imposed ever more stringent requirements in terms of network scale, 40/100G port density, burst traffic caching, heat dissipation efficiency, robustness and network convergence speed, network programmability and visualization, traffic load balancing, and intelligent scheduling.

H3C has been serving this customer since 2004, and is now its top IDC provider, and key participant in the design and planning of its data center network models. From the earliest Gigabit access switches to today's 10G, 40G and 100G access switches, H3C has grown in step with the customer. As key partner, H3C provides the customer with stable networking, excellent post-sales service and R&D support. To meet the customer's growing demands, H3C quickly launched the S12500X-AF a world-leading new-generation compact backless-frame network switch model, 48-port 100G and 48-port 40G wired highspeed cards delivering industry-maximal networking density, a super-size table-entry board, a high-performance Netstream traffic collection board, flexible and open programmable interfaces and other products. These permitted fulfillment of the customer's requirement for an ultra-large-scale data center. H3C's S12500X, S9800, S6800 and CR16K core routers and other data center products are all widely-used and highly-rated by the customer.

H3C has carried out in-depth technical cooperation on SDN technology with the customer, devising tailored development schemes and constructing an experimental platform in response to customer needs. SDN is now widely used in the customer's cloud data center. Since the 2016 advent of the AI -centered "next generation technological revolution", H3C has combined 40/100G network devices at industry-maximal densities in super-large-scale Deep Learning clusters, replacing expensive Infiniband technologies with lossless high-speed Ethernet, DCB and other technologies, achieving a perfect balance of cost and efficiency, and helping the customer achieve world leadership in the AI arena.

Today, the customer has diversified in many directions, including web search, AI, big data, cloud computing, and driverless technology. H3C looks forward to deepening its cooperation with the customer in WAN SDN, automated network operation and maintenance, cloud computing and many other fields.

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