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01-Centralized iMC Deployment Example

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1 Centralized iMC Deployment Example

Downloading method: Click the download link in the right upper corner of the page to download the video. You can play it after extraction.

Software Version Used

iMC version: iMC PLAT 5.0 (E0101)

Operating system: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (64-bit)

Database version: Oracle 11g (64-bit)

Number of servers: 1

This example was recorded based on the HP iMC system. It also applies to the H3C iMC system.

Video Description

This example uses iMC PLAT as an example to describe how to deploy iMC in centralized mode. It shows the following contents:

l              Install the iMC PLAT on the server.

l              Deploy necessary components on the server.

l              Start iMC from the server, and use a web browser to access iMC.