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iNode Client on iOS-5PW100

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{0>本视频演示了如何在iPhone上使用iNode客户端进行身份认证,以及iNode客户端的日志收集操作。<}0{>The video shows how to use the iNode client to perform identity authentication on an iPhone and how to collect iNode client logs. <0}

{0>iNode客户端适用于iOS 4.0及以上版本的iPhoneiPad<}0{>The iNode client applies to iPhones and iPads running iOS 4.0 or above.<0}


This video was recorded based on iMC iNode MPC 5.1.1. {0>不同版本的客户端界面略有不同。<}0{>The interface may vary with the version of the iNode client.<0}

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