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08-Wireless Location Configuration Case

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8  Wireless Location Configuration Case

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Software Version Used

This video was recorded based on the following versions:

iMC: iMC PLAT 3.20-R2606H10iMC WSM 3.50-F5302


Video Description

iMC WSM adopts a fingerprint algorithm for wireless location, which locates wireless clients, rogue clients, and rogue APs and displays them in the location topology.

This case illustrates the sampling process in the wireless signal coverage area on the first floor of a building, and how to locate online wireless clients.


Experiment Environment

A wireless network that operates normally. Make sure that the sampling wireless clients can access the wireless network normally.


l          Add a location view. Add the APs in the wireless area to the location view.

l          Set the floor structure picture as the background picture of the location view.

l          Place the APs in the location view according to their actual locations


Recommended Configuration Flow

Step1   Configure sampling clients.

Step2   Confirm AP settings in the location view.

Step3   Set sampling points.

Step4   Locate wireless clients.