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06-Wireless Topology Management

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6  Wireless Topology Management

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Software Version Used

This video was recorded based on the following versions:

iMC: iMC PLAT 3.20-R2602P08, iMC WSM 3.50-F5201P01


Video Description

The administrator can view information about Fat APs, ACs and Fit APs through the wireless topology.

This case shows the basic functions of the wireless topology by illustrating how to view information about an AC and Fit APs connected to the AC.


Experiment Environment

A WLAN where several Fit APs are connected to an AC operates normally.


Recommended Configuration Flow

Step1   View the topology information of a specified AC.

Step2   View the basic information of links between wireless devices.

Step3   View the current online clients associated with a Fit AP and the basic information of the clients.

Step4   View the neighbor topology of a specified AC.

Step5   View the physical topology of a specified Fit AP.