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02-Fat AP WLAN Configuration

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2  Fat AP WLAN Configuration

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Software Version Used

This video was recorded based on the following versions:

iMC: iMC PLAT 3.20-R2602P08, iMC WSM 3.50-F5201P01


Video Description

This configuration case illustrates how to use the iMC Wireless Service Manager (WSM) to deploy a Fat AP network.


Experiment Environment

l          One Fat AP with proper software versions and basic configuration.

l          One Layer 3 switch that connects the Fat AP.

l          One PC or laptop that is installed with wireless network card and will be used as wireless client.


Recommended Configuration Flow


Step1   Add Fat AP to iMC

l          Add the Fat AP to iMC through iMC PLAT.

l          Check that the added device is recognized by the iMC as a Fat AP.

Step2   Configure WLAN interface

l          Add a WLAN interface.

l          Specify the VLAN to which the WLAN interface belongs.

Step3   Add & Bind service policy

l          Add a service policy for the specified Fat AP.

l          Set radio parameters and bind the radio to the service policy.

Step4   Verify WLAN configuration

l          Check that the added WLAN exists in the ESS list, and check the counts of online Fat APs and clients.

l          Check that the Fat AP is connected.

Step5   Log in as client

The PC or laptop with a wireless network card is used to log in to the WLAN as a wireless client.

Step6   Verify the client login

l          Synchronize the information of the Fat AP

l          Verify the login information in client view

l          View the client information