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1  Overview

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WSM Overview

The Wireless Service Manager (WSM) was developed based on the Intelligent Management Center (iMC) platform and Intelligent Control Configuration (iCC) of H3C, providing management solutions for WLAN networks. The WSM provides functions such as location view, group view, wireless custom view, rogue device management, template management, wireless device management, configuration wizard, client online history and wireless service reports.


Video Case List

Video Case


01-AC + Fit AP WLAN Configuration

Allows you to use the WSM to deploy an AC + Fit AP wireless LAN.

02-Fat AP WLAN Configuration

Allows you to use the WSM to deploy a Fat AP wireless LAN.

03-Location View Management

Allows you to manage APs in an area. You can mark the location of each AP and the signal coverage of the location in a location topology.

04-Wireless Custom View Management

Allows you to add an AC and the Fit APs connected to the AC to a wireless custom view, facilitating locating the desired devices. A wireless custom view enables you to conveniently view and operate an AC and connected APs. The AC and Fit APs can belong to several views at the same time.

05-Wireless Report Management

Allows you to generate WSM reports based on location view and view the report contents.

06-Wireless Topology Management

Allows you to view information about Fat APs, ACs and Fit APs.

07-Fit AP Group Management

Allows you to create groups, classify the Fit APs associated with an AC into the created groups, and assign operators different Fit AP group management privileges, thus greatly facilitating Fit AP management.

08- Wireless Location Configuration Case

iMC WSM adopts a fingerprint algorithm for wireless location, which locates wireless clients, rogue clients, and rogue APs and displays them in the location topology.


l      How to delete a service policy and radio policy of an AC in WSM?

l      How to delete a service policy of a Fat AP in WSM?

l      The physical topology of a Fit AP cannot be displayed in the location view. How to solve the problem?




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