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We provide iMC VSM configuration examples to show how they function to manage and protect your network effectively.

Click the download link to download the whole video set. Or you can go to each video description page to download the single video as needed.


VSM Overview

The Voice Service Manager (VSM) is a component of iMC Product. This easy-to-use tool provides resource management and service management for VCX, Media gateway and IP Phone device. Integrated management feature of router and switch in iMC PLAT, VSM can provide comprehensive management and assurance for VoIP network, help reduce system maintenance costs, improve productivity, and increase user satisfaction.


Video List



01-Adding a VCX device and detecting IP phones

This case illustrates how to add a VCX device into the iMC and how to detect IP phones connected to the VCX device.

02-Backing up and Restoring VCX Device Configuration

This case shows how to backup the configuration of a VCX device, common backup failure causes and solutions, and how to restore the configuration of a VCX device to a specified configuration.

03-Viewing call history and call report

This case illustrates how to view call history and call report information.

04-How to Use QoS Monitoring

The QoS monitoring function of the VSM allows you to view the specific QoS indexes of an IP phone that has bad voice quality.




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