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77-Desktop Control

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Desktop Control

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Software Version Used

This video was recorded based on the following versions:

l          iMC: iMC PLAT 3.20-R2602, iMC UAM 3.60-E6102, iMC EAD 3.60-E6102

l          iNode (integrating DAM client): iNode PC 3.60-E6104

Web interfaces of different versions may vary.


Application Scenario

Unauthorized use of computer peripherals is a common problem in enterprise networks. Such examples include:

1)        Connecting storage media such as U disks, CD-ROMs, and DVDs that store songs and stories to PCs for time-killing during work hours.

2)        Using a modem to dial to sites inaccessible from the enterprise network.

3)        Using a camera for video chat.

The desktop control schemes provided by iMC DAM can effectively monitor such events. The desktop control schemes can prevent unauthorized use of peripherals on both online and offline assets, including the use of various peripherals with USB interfaces, CD-ROMs, Infrared/Bluetooth devices, and modems.


Configuring a Desktop Control Scheme

This case demonstrates how to configure a desktop control scheme to prohibit the use of the CD-ROM drive of a PC. The network diagram is as follows:


The demonstration includes four steps, as shown in the following figure.


Step1   Use the CD-ROM normally

The user can use the CD-ROM drive of the PC normally before the desktop control scheme is deployed.

Step2   Configure Desktop Control Scheme

Configure a desktop control scheme in iMC DAM to prevent the user from using the CD-ROM drive of the PC.

Note: The DAM client (typically integrated into the iNode client) periodically receives software distribution tasks from iMC DAM. The period is determined by the asset request period parameter in iMC DAM.

Step3   User tries to enable prohibited CD-ROM/Check asset peripheral violation info

After the DAM client receives and executes the desktop control scheme, the CD-ROM drive of the PC is disabled. If the user tries to enable the drive, the DAM client will disable the drive again and report peripheral violation. The network administrator can view relevant violation records in iMC DAM.

Step4   User tries to enable CD-ROM again when offline/Check asset peripheral violation info again

The user unplugs the cable to disconnect the PC from iMC DAM and enables the CD-ROM drive again. The DAM client disables the CD-ROM drive again. After the user plugs the cable back in, the DAM client will report peripheral violation. The network administrator can view relevant violation records in iMC DAM.