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74-Deploying Software Through FTP for Silent Installation

Deploying Software Through FTP for Silent Installation

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Software Version Used

This video was recorded based on the following versions:

l          iMC: iMC PLAT 3.20-R2602, iMC UAM 3.60-E6102, iMC EAD 3.60-E6102

l          iNode (integrates the DAM client): iNode PC 3.60-E6104

Web interfaces of different versions may vary.


Application Scenario

In an enterprise, some software needs to be installed on some specific PCs. For example, all PCs need to install the anti-virus software and firewall, office PCs need to install Microsoft Office, and PCs of art designers need to install Photoshop. If only one FTP server is deployed, every employee has to download and install the software by themselves, and the administrator can hardly monitor and track software installation of every employee.

iMC DAM provides the software deployment function to solve the problem. After deploying the software deployment server, the administrator only needs to configure the software deployment policies on the iMC DAM. After that, PCs in the enterprise can easily download and install the software according to different policies and the administrator can track and monitor software installation of each PC in real time.


Recommended Configuration Flow

This configuration example shows the process of deploying software WinlSO 5.3 to a single asset through FTP, and silent installation of the software by the asset. The network diagram is shown as follows.


Note: iMC DAM does not save and deploy software, but triggers the PC to download software from the FTP server.

The configuration flow is as follows:


Step1   Configure the software deployment server

Add the FTP server information to iMC, including IP address, port, username and password.

Step2   Configure a software deployment task

Configure the task information in iMC, including the FTP server configured at Step 1, the software name, the source file path, installation method, and the deployment object (asset).

Note: The DAM client (generally integrated into the iNode client) periodically obtains the software deployment tasks from the iMC DAM. The period depends on Period for Download, which is configured on Service > Desktop Asset Service > Service Parameters.

Step3   Download and install the software in silent mode

On a user asset, the DAM client automatically downloads and installs the software according to the deployment task configuration.

Step4   Trace and monitor software installation

With the asset change monitoring, the administrator can track and monitor whether the required software is installed.