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73-Asset Changes Monitoring

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Asset Changes Monitoring

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Software Version Used

This video was recorded based on the following versions:

l          iMC: iMC PLAT 3.20-R2602, iMC UAM 3.60-E6102, iMC EAD 3.60-E6102

l          iNode (integrating DAM client): iNode PC 3.60-E6104

Web interfaces of different versions may vary.


Application Scenario

The following events often occur in an enterprise network:

1)        Employees install, remove, or replace computer hardware without authorization.

2)        Employees install forbidden software such as stock trading software and instant messaging software.

3)        Employees disconnect their computers from the enterprise network, build a local area network to play games, and reconnect to the enterprise network afterwards.

iMC DAM keeps records of asset software/hardware changes, allowing the network administrator to monitor events similar to those described above. This case demonstrates how iMC DAM monitors asset software/hardware changes.

Note: IP address changes in asset change records may be caused by the third scenario described above.


Asset Changes Monitoring

Network diagram for asset changes monitoring:


The demonstration of the asset changes monitoring function includes three steps, as shown in the following figure.


Step1   Configure Asset Changes Monitoring Policy

Configure the asset scanning interval in iMC DAM to ensure that the DAM client periodically scans assets to discover and report asset changes in time.  Typically the DAM client is integrated with the iNode client.

Step2   Change Asset HW/SW When Online/Monitor Online Asset Changes

When a registered asset is online, the DAM client reports asset changes to iMC DAM in real time. The network administrators can view details about the software and hardware changes in iMC DAM.

Step3   Change Asset SW When Offline/Monitor Offline Asset Changes

When a registered asset is offline, the DAM client records asset changes and reports the changes to iMC DAM when the asset goes online. The network administrators can view asset software and hardware changes that occurred when assets were offline.