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01-Automatically discover and manage existing VPN resources

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1 Automatically Discover and Manage Existing VPN Resources

Declaration: This configuration example applies to products of different versions, although their web interfaces may vary.

Downloading method: Click the download link in the right upper corner of the page to download the video. You can play it after extraction.

Software Version Used

iMC versions: iMC PLAT 5.0 (E0101L01), iMC MVM 5.0 (E0101L01)

This video was recorded based on the HP iMC system. It also applies to the H3C iMC system.

Video Description

This video takes company A as an example. It shows the following contents:

l              Use the automatic discovery function to discover existing VLL VPNs on the network.

l              Display the discovered VPN list and VPN topology.

l              Manage and monitor the VPNs through the PW connectivity audit and PE configuration audit functions.

l              Delete the VPN resources from the iMC system and from the devices.

H3C recommends that you play this video if you use the L2VPN Manager for the first time and want to use it to manage the existing VPNs.