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1 Overview

The L2VPN Manager provides management solutions for the enterprise L2VPN networks of various scales. It supports these types of L2VPNs: VPLS, PBB, and VLL.

Based on the iMC platform, the L2VPN Manager provides both the basic network management functions and the L2VPN management functions, such as L2VPN discovery, topology display, and deployment management.

Video Overview

This video set comprises two examples, which take company A and company B as examples to show how to use the L2VPN Manager to configure commonly used functions.

Click the download link to download the whole video set. Or you can go to each video description page to download the single video and then play the video as needed. The video examples provide necessary text description but do not provide audio description.

Video List



01-Automatically discover and manage existing VPN resources

This video takes company A as an example. It shows the following contents:

l      Use the automatic discovery function to discover existing VLL VPNs on the network.

l      Display the discovered VPN list and VPN topology.

l      Manage and monitor the VPNs through the PW connectivity audit and PE configuration audit functions.

l      Delete the VPN resources from the iMC system and from the devices.

02-Use the service deployment wizard to deploy a new hierarchical VPLS VPN

This video takes company B as an example. It shows how to use the VPN service deployment wizard to deploy a new hierarchical VPLS VPN.

H3C recommends that you play this video if you want to use the L2VPN Manager to deploy VPN resources intuitively.


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