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Report Manager

As a platform providing centralized management of reports, the report management system allows you to customize reports of each iMC component and display them vividly.

The report management system features as follows:

·     Provides realtime reports that can be viewed on web pages to help you obtain the most recent data.

·     Provides multiple types of scheduled reports to help you obtain data at a specific interval for data comparison and trend analysis. For example, you can define daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly reports.

·     Provides centralized management of reports by allowing you to enter the same page for report management and query.

·     Provides reports in diversified illustration ways, such as pie chart, line chart, bar chart, and tabular form; thus allowing you to query and analyze data from different angles.

·     Provides multiple processing policies of a report, where you can export it in pdf or excel format, print it, or send it through Email; thus allowing you to check the reports anywhere at anytime.