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MPLS VPN Manager

MPLS VPN is a popular technology that provides a secure and dedicated network for each type of traffic over a single physical network. However, the complicated technologies involved in MPLS VPN make it difficult for enterprises to effectively operate, deploy, and monitor the MPLS VPN service. The MPLS VPN Manager (MVM) is developed based on the iMC platform to provide integrated resource management and reconsolidated service process and uses the service-oriented architecture.

MVM provides the following service management features:

·     MPLS Management—Provides a comprehensive set of tools that enables administrators to manage and monitor MPLS networks from iMC.

·     BGP MPLS VPN—Used to manage layer 3 VPN networks, including managing device resources such as PEs and CEs, monitoring MPLS VPN topology, and deploying networks.

·     L2VPN—Used to manage layer 2 networks, including MPLS-based VPLS networks, VLL networks, and link layer-based PBB networks.

·     MPLS TE—Offers a centralized management platform for TE devices in the network, allowing for centralized display and configuration of TE device information, FRR polling timer, automatic bandwidth adjustment, and CR-LSP tie-breaking method.