H3C SR8800 SRPU Memory Module Upgrade Instructions(V1.03)

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1 H3C SR8800 SRPU Memory Module Upgrade Instructions


For specifications of the H3C SR8800 SRPU memory module, see Table1.

Table1 Specifications for the H3C SR8800 SRPU memory module






Length: 133.35 ± 0.20 mm (5.250 ± 0.008 in.)

Width: 30.48 ± 0.20 mm (1.20 ± 0.008 in.)



Operating frequency

266 MHz or 333 MHz

Operating voltage

2.5 ± 0.2 V


Mounting Method

Follow this flowchart to maintain the SDRAM modules:

Figure1 SDRAM module maintenance flow


SDRAM modules are removable components on the SRPU. In the following cases, you need to upgrade or replace an SDRAM module:

l   More memory space is needed for application program upgrade.

l   The router needs to maintain a large routing table or to support other highly memory consuming operations.

l   An existing SDRAM module is damaged.


Note that the SDRAM connectors are subject to a limitation on the number of times you can insert SDRAM modules into them.


1. Locating the SDRAM module to be replaced on the SRPU

Before working on an SDRAM module, you need to locate it on the SRPU.Figure2 illustrates where the SDRAM modules are on the SRPU of the SR8800.

Figure2 Locate the SDRAM module on the SRPU


2. Removing an SDRAM module

Follow these steps to remove an SDRAM module:

(1)       Push the latches away from both ends of the SDRAM module with both thumbs simultaneously. This releases the SDRAM module from the connector on the SRPU.

(2)       Lift the SDRAM module completely from the connector.


l   When replacing an SDRAM module, always wear ESD-preventive gloves or an ESD-preventive wrist strap.

l   Take the SDRAM module only by its non-conductive edges, because an SDRAM module is ESD-sensitive and any improper operation may cause damage to it.

l   It is normal that you feel it effort-taking to remove an SDRAM module. Do not use too much force in your operation.

l   Do not touch any surface-mounted components on the SDRAM module with bare hands.


3. Installing an SDRAM module

Follow these steps to install an SDRAM module:

(1)       Align the polarization notch on the SDRAM module with the polarization key on SDRAM connector on the SRPU.

(2)       Firmly press the SDRAM module down into the SDRAM connector until the latches at both ends of the connector have firmly locked the SDRAM module in position.



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