Looking for Government Cloud “Solutions” with “Five Core Values”

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The development of cloud computing has gone from a “growth period” to a “popularization period,” and the application of the government cloud is experiencing explosive growth. It is estimated that the total investment in China’s e-government cloud will exceed RMB 340 billion by 2018. The application of government cloud has also been upgraded to a strategic level. Opinions on Promoting the Innovative Development of Cloud Computing and Cultivating New Formats of the Information Industry clearly point out that it is necessary to explore a new model for the development of e-government cloud computing and encourage the application of cloud computing technology to transform existing government information systems.

This fast-growing market is both an opportunity and a great challenge for vendors. Compared with the traditional application mode, the government cloud has broken the previous pattern of information construction, and further exploration is required in many aspects. Only by grasping the key points in the application of the government cloud and meeting the special demand of the government sector can we become the BEST CHOICE for users.

Through years of hard work, H3C has become a “top brand in the government cloud,” and its successful experience in the government cloud has gradually focused on five “core values.”

Now, let’s interpret the “five core values” of the government cloud.

(I) Safety, so that government can rest assured

The H3C solution uses the integration of cloud, network and security, where security problems in cloud computing and virtualization are handled by defining security with software. Through data security architecture, a comprehensive security service chain is built from the aspects of the security of tenants, cloud services, operations, maintenance and cloud platform foundation, etc., so as to ensure the security and stability of the system and its data.

Meanwhile, H3C is deeply engaged in the compilation of standards for relevant departments. It provides an overall cloud solution that complies with national security protection standards and meets the security protection requirements of government service information. All these measures can effectively ensure the security of government information and help government users to rest assured.

(II) Inclusiveness, ingenuity in the cloud

Administration streamlining, power delegation and service to the people have promoted the development of the government cloud, and more government services are being carried out on the government cloud platform. For example, more than 60,000 items of approval from more than 3,300 departments in cities and counties in Zhejiang province are now handled on the cloud computing platform.

Behind these numerous applications are various IT technologies, pieces of equipment, architectures and so on, increasing complexity. Only by “meshing” them closely can the cloud platform become an effective support for government services.

“Ingenuity” means the ability to solve problems in new and clever ways. For H3C’s cloud computing solution, cleverness lies in good compatibility.

H3C believes that in order to realize the “integration of government and cloud,” a platform is needed to flexibly support a wide range of government services. Through a unified IT infrastructure platform, the form of the data of various government departments has changed from a monolithic system to both a horizontal and vertical three-dimensional structure that stretches horizontally. The hybrid cloud scheme proposed by H3C has been able to organically integrate public cloud and private cloud, and it can even realize the integration and interworking of VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), which is of practical significance for “cloud” government services.

Meanwhile, the H3C cloud computing solution is also compatible with old servers, traditional storage and other hardware devices, and it is compatible with the mainstream virtualization platform in the industry, so as to help government users smoothly transit from traditional architecture to cloud computing.

(III) Worry-free guarantee, O&M is no longer a problem

Traditional e-government adopts the mode of decentralized construction, decentralized management and decentralized operations and maintenance. The government cloud has changed this. The cloud platform provides IT resources in a unified way, providing government users with cloud convenience.

Behind the convenient application of the government cloud are larger and more complex IT systems. Practice shows that there are different interaction modes for a specific government application in cloud computing, and back-end operations and maintenance services play a decisive role in the efficient and reliable operation of the entire government cloud system.

Since the government cloud “subtracts” the complexity of IT applications, does it mean that it needs to “add” IT operations accordingly?

H3C has always believed that the key to the success of the government cloud lies in “thirty percent construction and seventy percent O&M.”

In light of this, H3C has launched a perfect cloud operations and maintenance management platform that enables government cloud users to have a clear understanding of service operations and IT infrastructure. Meanwhile, H3C can also provide multi-level operations and maintenance services to help cloud service providers manage the cloud and enable customers to enjoy the cloud. For users transiting from traditional architectures to the government cloud, H3C helps users to realize business migration from the physical environment or virtual environment to the cloud platform through professional service migration services. With these, the operations and maintenance of the government cloud become easier.

(IV) Customization as a required and warm service

E-government is an application field with very complex and diverse requirements. Each government cloud has its own different requirements that are difficult to meet with a mere set of standard products. Customization and development are inevitable in all government cloud applications. As a result, it is not only the products that challenge the manufacturers, but also the overall strength in terms of industry understanding and service capability.

If the initial construction of cloud computing is like constructing a building, the cloud computing solution provided by H3C for customers has gone beyond this concept and is more like building a complete community with all kinds of supporting facilities. According to the different requirements of users, H3C provides users with customized cloud platforms, such as customized portals, processes, billing, reports and other functions, based on a complete API interface through a scenario-based development strategy of standardized components + personalized customization development. And it integrates third-party or existing IT services, such as a mail system, instant messaging, standardized authentication, etc.

Unlike the previous method of developing products first and then delivering them to users, H3C now provides an “original” delivery method that enables developers to carry out customized and iterative development at the user’s application site. This revolutionary delivery mode enables users in the government cloud to change from obtaining a standardized cloud platform to obtaining a scenario-based cloud platform, thus coming closer to actual application requirements and better exploring the real value of the government cloud.

(V) Working hard for you, bringing you the heart of the cloud

According to the data, the average growth rate of China’s cloud computing service market is as high as 65%, far ahead of the European and American markets. Driven by national policies, the total investment in China’s e-government cloud will exceed RMB 340 billion by 2018.

Such a large market has also attracted many manufacturers. For users, it is obviously safer to choose those who are more experienced in the application of e-government.

Real knowledge comes from practice, and practical experience from one-step ahead has become the key to the recognition of the government cloud.

H3C has always emphasized “working hard for you,” and its achievements in the field of government information are enviable. It is undertaking 9 golden backbone projects of the 12 golden projects, serves 70% of the central ministries and committees, and undertook the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the south-to-north water diversion project and other major activities and national key projects.

In the field of the government cloud, as of 2015, H3C has successfully implemented 5 national-level government clouds, 12 provincial-level government clouds and more than 100 municipal-level government clouds, and it has the most abundant experience in government information services and the most government cloud projects in China.

Successes are similar, but the reasons for failure vary. In a sense, what brings more value to users is often not a complete plan on paper, but the valuable experience of “turning dust into glory” in practice. The great value of H3C’s best practice brand for the government cloud is also embodied here.

Government cloud “solutions”

How can we support government cloud services with a unified platform? How can we integrate and put data together? How can we creatively put forward a better plan for government service applications? … The solutions to all these problems lie in the “H3C Government Cloud with Five Core Values.”

With the help of the H3C government cloud with “five core values,” government users will be able to easily grasp the key to the construction and operation of the government cloud, find the “solutions” to the construction of the government cloud one by one, and then build an ideal government cloud platform through unified planning, construction and management.

It can be predicted that relying on the government cloud, the government will build a large platform for China’s e-government with intensive and innovative public infrastructure, effectively gather government governance big data, speed up government governance innovation, promote vertical and horizontal linkage and collaborative governance, reduce project investment, promote China’s e-government intensive innovation system, and realize smart government, smart livelihoods and smart industry. The future of the government cloud will be more positive and far-reaching.

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