H3C 802.11ac Wave2 Outdoor Series AP

H3C 802.11ac Wave2 series outdoor AP is a new generation smart outdoor AP with large RF radiated power. It complies with 802.11ac Wave2 standards and greatly enhances customer experience in multi-users access scenario. H3C 802.11ac Wave2 series outdoor AP includes two models, WA5630X and WA5320X. WA5630Xs triple band technology is well suited to high-density environment.

H3C 802.11ac Wave2 series outdoor AP is integrated with smart RF optimizing technology. Maximum transmit power of a single RF up to 500mW. It can address outdoor WLAN coverage problems and enhance accuracy and stability. Professional unibody design, IP68 protection level and wide-temperature-range resistance make it convenient for outdoor installation and debugging. It is widely deployed for professional smart coverage in outdoor scenarios such as wireless city and scenic spot.

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