New H3C Solutions at Shandong University


Shandong University, an innovative, comprehensive university is a leading Chinese education institution. In 2016, Shandong University’s Qingdao Campus was built to accommodate over 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers from the University’s various institutes.

The new campus network required a high-availability, broad-functionality architecture, offering rapid provisioning of all devices and the flexibility to provide on-demand services for departments, teachers and students.

Leading IT infrastructure solution provider New H3C provided the next generation SDN network solution AD Campus to meet these demands.

Project Highlights:

● Ensures teachers and students get a consistent experience in different campus districts

● Fast access of massive dumb terminals meanwhile isolated with other services

● Provides simplified mobile network O&M

● Permits granular, automatically-enforced policies

● Network can be quickly and automatically provisioned, without involvement of network experts

New H3C provided several high-end SDN core switches, tens of high-performance SDN aggregation switches, nearly a thousand SDN access switches, and nearly 60,000 802.11ac Wave 2 APs, along with a campus controller Director.