Maintain an Optimal IT State

Today, the design of IT infrastructure is extremely complex. Only highly professional personnel are qualified for the work, and the expenses of infrastructure maintenance will usually consume about 70% of your budgets. IT support services can ensure that a data center is always in an optimal state to undertake present and future workloads.

The new H3C has a totally customized service package that provides a full range of services from deployment, optimization, preventive maintenance, upgrades, through to transformation, and offers such functions as active analysis, fast debugging and problem solving. With the largest IT ecosystem and partner support network in the industry and globally distributed resources, H3C warrants that you can obtain considerate technical support services locally wherever you are located. Our technical support services will significantly reduce the downtime of your data center, shorten maintenance time, and reduce operation and management costs.

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    Basic System Support Service
    Basic system support services include fast replacement of spare parts, remote technical support, support for maintainable software version and fast field services. Such services satisfy your demand for an efficient and stable IT environment, and increase your network productivity.
    H3C provides technical support for HPE servers, storage products, network products and third-party software. H3C's expert team can also diagnose and solve various technical problems, and offer software and firmware suggestions.
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    Active System Support Service
    Active system support services are designed to help users respond to the disordered growth of the IT market, follow trends toward the industrial-standard platforms, and are a convergence-oriented and virtualized IT solution. With industry-leading remote support technology and expert resources, our active system support services are a combination of responsive services and active services, and help users to realize easy purchasing and high cost effectiveness. This solves complex problems quickly and reduces unscheduled system shutdowns. Active system support services fill the market vacancy between the current mission-critical services and basic system support services. These are services that can satisfy the needs of the customers who have no demand for traditional mission-critical services, but have a demand for the more valuable support services than just basic system support services.
    In addition to the basic system support services, H3C can provide support services for network operation and management (for example, network patrol, special personnel attendance and software version evaluation). These are suited to users' service features, and special customer service managers and technical experts are assigned to provide highly targeted support. This transforms the service mode from responsive services to active prevention and ensures the stable operation of service networks or core devices as required by customers.
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    Datacenter Care
    Datacenter Care provides a customized datacenter support solution that is easy to sell, procure and own. The completely new technical support content can satisfy the service needs of customers in a large-scale IT environment. Datacenter Care is a flexible and customizable service solution that can cater to any specific service need, ranging from the distributed support for technical components through to the operation and maintenance assurance for a datacenter with thousands of IT devices.
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    Whole-Lifecycle Technical Service
    No matter what stage of development your enterprise is currently in, the whole-lifecycle technical services will give you a helping hand. The services provide professional knowledge for each step of your technological development, from strategy formulation, design, deployment, and operation through to training. You can obtain the whole-lifecycle technical services on an as-needed basis.
    With intelligent tools and best practice of services for the diverse industries, H3C intelligently perceives users' service objectives, IT architecture and service maturity, and provides users with customized service solutions in different scenarios (for example, data centers, cloud computing, security and WiFi networks) quickly, accurately and proactively so as to realize continuous service innovations.
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    Flexible Capacity Service
    The flexible capacity services enable users to increase or reduce costs according to the services that they have actually used. Specifically, users only need to pay for the part of services they use, without having to pay capital expenditures in the initial stages. Based on the Datacenter Care services, the flexible capacity helps you improve operational efficiency and maintenance, and spend more time on innovations rather than daily operations.