Better Convergence between IT and Business

With rapid progress in the IT field, users are confronted with more complex issues, such as how to support and promote their strategic development via information technologies, or how to promote business transformation with information technologies, how to carry out high-quality IT projects, and how to provide highly reliable service assurance.

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    Professional Design of Network Architecture
    Based on an accurate analysis of technological trends and deep understanding of their industrial applications, the new H3C provides design services for network architecture of new-generation data centers, WAN architecture and core networks, consultancy services for cloud computing architecture, and services for equipment room relocation. In addition, the new H3C's feasible planning and implementation scheme can satisfy user demand for designing and building efficient, highly responsive and easy-to-maintain networks.
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    All-round Technical Consultancy Services
    The new H3C provides all-round technical consultancy services in development strategy, network architecture, project implementation, operation & maintenance management and service continuity. This more than satisfies the demands of enterprise users for business transformation, IT project implementation, service assurance and IT management. The new H3C provides powerful support for government and enterprise IT projects.