Simplify IT, and Deliver Service Applications Quickly

Traditional IT keeps changing in form, and IT departments need to deliver new-generation applications quickly via network services to promote business growth and implement differentiated competition. However, this means that the IT personnel need to be the expert in diverse fields like component selection, system design, solution design and infrastructure building. This poses a challenge to IT personnel and even the CTOs of many enterprises.

A professional IT analysis institution forecasts that 83% of enterprises will build or expand their integrated system infrastructure in the coming 12 months. While more and more enterprises embrace the trends toward new forms of IT, the market of integrated IT systems is expected to grow at triple speed of the traditional IT infrastructure market.

The integrated IT system developed by New H3C helps users not only reduce the complexity and costs of IT, but also improve the application performance. The system integrates diverse IT infrastructures including servers, storage, networks, software, and services so that the users can have easy access to deployment, management and support. In essence, the system incorporates industry-leading components into a complete optimized system tailored to the needs of virtualization, cloud and big data. It provides comprehensive user experience, and supports streamlined IT by fast deployment, visual management and system-level services.

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    Integrated IT Solution
    The ConvergedSystem700 general integrated system is concisely designed to provide fast deployment, streamlined lifecycle management and unified support. With a user-friendly solution, it provides the fastest virtualization path to improve the performance and availability of virtual environments. The modular design enables the easy expansion of computing resources, satisfies service needs and provides a cloud platform.
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    Application Optimization Platform
    For the SAP HANA based application environment, we provide a SAP-certified and optimized solution with the very finest customer experience to help customers reduce their costs and respond to service needs faster. The SAP HANA oriented ConvergedSystem 500/900 is a scalable system. Customers can manage and analyze diverse ultra-large data sets with a single system and make business decisions in real time. In addition, the flexible configurations and high availability enable customers to integrate mission-critical service applications on a centralized platform, which reduces the costs and simplifies the IT environment.
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    Super Integrated System

    ConvergedSystem 200-HC is a plug-and-play integrated solution to the adaptive infrastructure based on ultra-converged architecture. It offers a unified software-defined storage, virtualization and management tool, infrastructure management tool, and powerful computing capability. It is capable of delivering services quickly and orderly, reducing the total cost of ownership effectively, and protecting future investments.

    The UIS(Unified Infrastructure System)is an industry-leading ultra-converged infrastructure product. It can be flexibly applied to various cloud computing virtualization scenarios and complex service applications and can provide an integrally delivered cloud infrastructure platform. It can work instantly upon startup, and provides a variety of functions including one-stop monitoring, quick service provisioning, quick troubleshooting and automatic expansion of IT resources.

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    Intelligent Management and Cloud Solution

    The software-defined data center undoubtedly brings about higher efficiency and ease of use. OneView and UIS Manager are the very best software-based tools for managing data centers and helping users to improve data center efficiency.

    A hybrid IT environment improves the agility and flexibility of services, but needs to share a resource pool with the cloud to ensure its efficiency. Due to their flexible modes, scalability and cross-data-center flexible usage,the Helion Cloudsystem and H3Cloud solutions enable customers to enjoy the advantages of public cloud, local delivery and hybrid delivery. In addition, the solutions ensure controllability, improve security, and ensure enterprise-class experience.