Emerging Power to Change the Pattern of Industry, UNIS’ New H3C is Fully Prepared

Tsinghua Unigroup, committed to becoming a world-class hi-tech corporation, gained another significant addition today – New H3C Group (New H3C) was officially launched as a leader in New IT solutions and innovative Chinese enterprises. The new group looks certain to put enormous momentum and power behind the global New IT industry’s development, on par with leading global technology. The establishment of New H3C will further change the current industry pattern and play an important role in the economy revolution both home and abroad.

The New H3C is a combination of Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (H3C) and UNIS Huashan (Which comprises HPE’s serves, storage and technology services businesses in China), and is jointly held by Unisplendour Corporation, a Tsinghua Unigroup subsidiary, for 51% share holdings, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise for 49%. The New H3C is implementing a dual brand strategy, with the independent innovation capabilities and intellectual property of the H3C® family of networking, servers, storage, security, hyper-converged systems and IT management system products. This H3C® family of products provides a comprehensive set of services and solutions for Big Internet, Big Security, cloud computing, and Big data. At the same time, the New H3C is now also the exclusive service provider for HPE® brand servers, storage and technology services in China, allowing clients to enjoy exactly a world-class standard of services, IT solutions and products.

The new group is headquartered in Beijing and Hangzhou, with branches in 39 cities across China. With its strategic foundation in technology and innovative services, the New H3C’s ratio of R&D personnel exceeds 40%, and holds a combined total of 6,500 patents.

The New H3C: New Patterns, New Advantages

The New H3C is one of the few truly global IT service solutions providers. The new group possesses both China and global market IT products and solutions capabilities and holds a leading position in critical new technology areas including SDN/NFV and cloud computing, among others. After the establishment of New H3C, those advantages on both sides will forge into joint power and grow new strengths to change the current market patterns in China. Thereafter in China, we shall have a gigantic new ICT mothership to be shoulder to shoulder with global brands.

The new company brings together H3C’s innovation capabilities, China market service expertise and its clear advantages in networks; with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s high-end storage and server technology, its market presence and channels, as well as rich experiences; together with the competitive advantages of UniGroup, including talent, education, funding, and its professional and social network, to create the New H3C – a high-end and far-reaching technology cooperation, a widely spread market on industrial-chain level, and a winning future with benefits and opportunities.

“The New H3C is a critical phase of UniGroup’s ‘from chip to cloud’ development plan. The New H3C holds a strategic market position in terms of global corporate networking, cloud computing, Big Internet, hyper-connected structures and storage, among others. These competitive advantages will help UniGroup more effectively advance its global strategy, and realize its goal of becoming the global high technology leader,” UniGroup Chairman Zhao Weiguo expressed. “The New H3C is a huge asset to UniGroup’s diverse resource pool, financial strength and technological advantages, helping to cement our position as a global IT leader.”

“Combining the strengths of HPE and Tsinghua, one of China's most respected institutions, New H3C will build upon an extensive and valuable patent portfolio, best-in-class products and customer focus, and Tsinghua's world-class research capability,” said Meg Whitman, President and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “With our investment, the Chinese IT powerhouse will deliver strong performance in China, for China and will drive long-term value for our shareholders.”

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise has always viewed China as one of its most important markets globally. This cooperation between UniGroup and Hewlett Packard Enterprise will further strengthen our bonds with the market. Both sides have put their full faith and long-term dedication into the New H3C, creating a powerful synergy to further develop both the Chinese market and the global market, as well as making the New H3C one of the standard bearers for the IT industry worldwide,” Arun Chandra, Chairman of the New H3C, explained. “Customers around the world will benefit from the more comprehensive, end-to-end solutions and services offered by the New H3C."

The New H3C: New IT, New Economy

Having created the concept of “New IT” and led the industry’s transformation toward New IT, the New H3C stands at the head, leading implementation of the nation’s development strategies such as “Internet+”, “Industry 4.0” and “China Manufacturing 2025”. The Group is proactively leveraging the highly-focused technologies it has developed over years in order to help industries of all types make the leap from IT to New IT. Whether for bringing about modernization, industrialization, or ‘smart’ development; or helping to explore and create completely new business models, New IT will undoubtedly be the core of and the force behind emergent new economies.

“Based on New IT, the New H3C is assisting the government in its transition to ‘more service-oriented government’; helping to modernize agriculture; helping make smart energy and smart controls a reality; and helping to deepen reforms in the service sector including medicine, education and business start-ups,” New H3C President and CEO Tony Yu said. “We can clearly see that the New H3C’s ‘New IT’ strategy is already becoming the key source of momentum for the development of new economies. In the future, with our comprehensive, industry-leading IT solutions, the New H3C will bring radical change to production, management and sales models. We will transform industrial chains, supply chains, value chains and traditional models – injecting them with new vitality and bringing about the development of new economies.”

The New H3C: New Goals, New Future

The New H3C Will continue to invest in its R&D capabilities in high-technology fields, with a highly focused development strategy designed to deliver ever-higher standards for its products, maintain its existing competitive advantages, and push the envelope of technology, seeking out opportunities in completely new areas. The group will leverage its formidable capital resources and leading technology competencies, together with its service know-how and innovation teams to make the New H3C into top-tier high-tech giant.

Fully dedicated to being a responsible member of the society in which it operates, the New H3C will continue its heritage of good corporate social responsibility: “We believe that the practice of corporate social responsibility is extremely important for the sustainability of any company,” said Tony Yu, “The New H3C will fully and comprehensively deliver on our years of expertise and innovative advantages, as well as global experience. We will proactively support the integration of information technology and industrialization, Internet+ and other national strategies, aiding the development of new economies. We will also provide more competitive products and IT technologies, helping industries of all types transform their development and bringing benefit to all of society. Throughout this entire process, we are also greening our business, adding our company’s strength to society’s sustainable development. The New H3C will also strive to continuously develop young talent – our nation’s repository of knowledge – to increase the Chinese IT industry’s level of development and competitive strength.”

Expressing his full faith in the New H3C, Tony Yu said, “From shore to shore it seems wide at high tide, before fair wind a single sail is lifting. I firmly believe that the New H3C means a new climate, new goals and new future for IT. We will be accelerating China’s opening to the global IT industry, both in terms of development and integration. We will be at the forefront of change and the industry’s undisputed leader.”