H3C Launches A New Generation Of A Full-Stack Cloud Service Solution and Enhances The Application-Driven Network Solution from Cloud to Network

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· H3C Cloud OS 3.0 and Cloud Management Platform Improves the Flexibility of Cloud Infrastructure and Multi-cloud Management

· H3C UIS hyper-converged 6.0Enhances Overall Performance of the Cloud Data Center Infrastructure

· AD-NET 3.0 Integrates with AI for Automatically Network Creation to Accelerate Digital Transformation

New H3C Technologies Co., Limited (H3C), a leader in digital solutions, has launched its full-stack cloud service solution, a new cloud-based hyper-converged infrastructure featuring computing, storage, networking and security as well as a new generation application-driven network platform to help enterprises accelerate their pace in digital transformation.

Digital transformation of enterprises has come to be viewed by CXOs as crucial to the alignment of business strategies and IT innovation, and therefore to their business. According to IDC, in 2017, 67% of the global top 1000 companies set digital transformation as the company’s core strategy.As a necessity for the better survival and development in the digital era, innovations like cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, IoT etc. have given rise to innovative ways of doing business thus leaving the old business practices ineffective. Accelerating digital transformation is becoming a more popular choice for organizations and ready for running applications anywhere.

Enhance the efficiency of IT Resource: H3C: Full-Stack cloud service solution

To promote the complete evolution of the full-stack cloud service solution, H3C has thoroughly upgraded the cloud operating system, cloud management platform and hyper-converged infrastructure to meet the fast growing digital application development.

On the cloud operation system level, H3C Cloud OS 3.0 offers a simple way to deal with application development and enable resource management across different cloud platforms. As an industry-leading micro-service architecture, H3C Cloud OS 3.0 integrates and manages the traditional IT resources, combines container, big data, DevOps and other emerging technologies. Meanwhile, it realizes automated delivery of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, providing a one-stop resource management service.

The H3C Cloud Management Platform (CMP) manages the plug-in management layer of different cloud platforms, connects different cloud platforms and provides a full-featured cloud management service desk through a flexible and scalable cloud management solution. The underlying cloud platforms supported include H3C Cloud OS, community version of OpenStack, or public cloud platforms such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Microsoft AZURE.

Interms of infrastructure, the H3C UIS hyper-converged 6.0 solution is a fully cloud-based hyper-converged infrastructure which features computing, storage, networking and security as well as providing unified monitoring and management of virtual resources. As a result, implementing the deployment of IT resources can be done in minutes, and services brought online in less than an hour.

“Not all clouds are created equal – in capability, capacity or manageability. And, what suits your business today may be completely unsuitable tomorrow. Cloud elasticity can help by “flexing” the rapidly growing suite of readily available applications, and ability to enable resource management across different cloud platforms are becoming the underpins of digital transformation,” shared by Joseph Lee, Product Director, Hong Kong and Macau, H3C Technologies Co., Limited.

Boost application-driven network and intelligent data analysis with AI integration: AD-NET 3.0

Almost every enterprise network is becoming more programmable, creating faster speed, and so is what it takes to ensure application efficiency and automated provisioning. The H3C’s AD-NET (application-driven network) enables enterprises to understand their networks and resolve challenges, such as network virtualization, automation, contextualization and visualization.

AD-NET 3.0 is integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance application-driven network and intelligent data analysis when compared with previous versions. With the latest overlay+SDN technology, AD-NET 3.0 enables automation. It makes some business-based or intention-based languages through application, and even converts them into network language through system automation, and automatically form network deployment and later tuning.

With the AI-based analysis platform, data collected by the front end is passed through a series of algorithm and related analysis, and then linked with the controller to form a complete solution. AD-NET 3.0 simplifies the network planning and implementation, application prioritization and network looping prevention in an automatic way.

In AD-NET 3.0, AD-NET Center is the new component to complete all the intelligent orchestration and application-driven conversion process, and integrate the previously existing SDN controller, namely AD controller. An intelligent engine performs intelligent analysis of the entire data. Through the big data, the unified analysis will be made possible by intelligent computing, and then converted into network automation-related commands. With the delivery by SDN controller, the relevant feedback information will be collected, and a network resource allocation will be optimized through seamless interaction with the application and feedback.

“As the world becomes more dynamic, data driven and digitally enabled, it is imperative for businesses to embrace and champion digital transformation across their organizations to meet the growing needs from customers, suppliers, employees and partners. It is important for organizations to tackle the challenges that many organizations are facing today in their digital transformation journey and emerge as a digital native enterprise, poising for long term success.” said by Joseph Lee, Product Director, Hong Kong and Macau, H3C Technologies Co. Limited.