H3C: Boost the Development of New China-ASEAN Digital Silk Road through Digital Innovation

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On September 12, the opening ceremony of the 15th China-ASEAN Expo (hereinafter referred to as "CAEXPO"), was held in Nanning, Guangxi. During the China-ASEAN Information Harbor Digital Silk Road Forum held at this year's CAEXPO, it was announced that the China-ASEAN Information Harbor Digital Economy Alliance was officially launched and would be dedicated to the co-establishment of the all-round industrial ecosystem for China-ASEAN digital economy. H3C Group under Tsinghua Unigroup was announced to be the President Unit of the Alliance. Yu Yingtao, Chairman of the Board of Unisplendour and President & CEO of H3C Group attended the forum events. In his keynote speech, he shared the "From Chip to Cloud" strategic layout of the Tsinghua Unigroup and the cutting-edge technology advantages and best industry practices of H3C in the digital transformation era.


The China-ASEAN Information Harbor Digital Economy Alliance is officially launched.

Under the theme of "Jointly Building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, and Constructing the China-ASEAN Innovation Community", this year's CAEXPO has witnessed the presence of many leaders of the ASEAN countries. In addition, the CAEXPO also provided an international stage for those best industry enterprises in China and ASEAN countries to display their frontier technologies and products, and accelerate innovation and cooperation, highlighting the importance of digital transformation in industrial upgrading and economic development. After the founding of the China-ASEAN Information Harbor Digital Economy Alliance, the openness and cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries will be further expanded and contributed to promoting the construction of China-ASEAN Digital Silk Road. As the President Unit, H3C will spare no effort to promote the digital transformation and industrial upgrading of various industries in the future, and make them the co-builder of the Digital Silk Road.


Yu Yingtao, Chairman of the Board of Unisplendour and President & CEO of H3C Group delivers a speech.

H3C has paid continuous attention to the deep cooperation between China and ASEAN countries and uses the comprehensive digitization solutions by integrating technological innovation, industry scenario application, and ecology-based cooperation to boost the digital economy development and digital transformation of the ASEAN countries. As a reliable strategic partner for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development in response to the Belt and Road Initiative, H3C has created a complementary mode of cooperation and is committed to achieve the goal of win-win cooperation by integrating the overall solution strength. So far, the industry-leading products and technologies of H3C have been applied to many construction projects in ASEAN countries, strongly promoting the deployment and construction of information technology (IT) infrastructure in those countries.

President Yu Yingtao explained that H3C, together with its customers and partners within the ecology, would contribute to the New China-ASEAN Digital Silk Road with the leading digital innovation capabilities, and drive the economic development of the ASEAN countries and the achievement of the Belt and Road Initiative by China through in-depth, extensive and constructive industrial cooperation.